A view I couldn’t help but capture during my mid-week run with a friend. It was a snow day for our kids, but we couldn’t wait to get out in it and run.

For those of you who run outdoors no matter the weather, even in blinding snow and freezing-cold temperatures as we’ve experienced in full force in recent days and weeks, my (winter-wicking) hat is off to you. I happen to be one of these “crazy” Michigan runners, too, as I’m pretty sure you’re all aware, but I think a special call-out should be made to those of you who are perhaps for the first time venturing out more and taking to the treadmill a bit less–all in the name of embracing our awesome sport AND Michigan’s all-season beauty, even if that means lots and lots of snow. It’s been pretty brutal at times, and I don’t advocate running in dangerous conditions, but you should be proud if you’ve gotten out there and ran. I know it gives me an extra boost, in mind and body, to battle the elements a little while out on a run.

Running outdoors come winter, and all year long in Michigan, is what Michigan Runner Girl is all about. The new MRG stickers epitomize this lifestyle, and I’m so grateful that so many of you are celebrating your love of the Mitten and passion for running by purchasing one of these stickers. Last week I announced a giveaway for those who purchased an MRG sticker–two winners would receive an extra sticker, one of the latest Michigan stickers created by Ludington-based myracesticker.com, maker of the MRG stickers. I had a feeling that if you’d like one of my stickers, you’d surely like one that celebrates our great state.

Without further ado…the winners of the Michigan sticker giveaway, conducted by random.org, are Lori Drumm of Brownstown, Mich. and Amber Dopp of Midland. Lori and Amber, please email me at michiganrunnergirl [at] gmail [dot] com to claim your prize (and let me know the ‘Michigan’ design you’d like to have.

Thank you to all who entered this giveaway, and to all of you who bought stickers.

Enjoy your weekend of (snowy, cold) running, friends! If you snap any photos out on your run or during a race, please share with everyone on the Michigan Runner Girl Facebook page–we’d all love to see them!

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