“But I think there’s something else at play. I feel my running evolving. I’m not exactly sure what this means, what it’ll look like. Some days I feel sure my speedier and marathon days are behind me. Other days I think, ‘What makes me think I don’t have more in me and will be conquering some amazing things yet?'”

Heather gets honest about her running journey these days and shares stories from members of the MRG community in this updates episode. Getting older, living through a pandemic, experiencing injuries and health issues — these are things that are causing us to reflect, change our perspectives, maybe look at life and our love of movement in different and unexpected ways. 

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Heather, mid-way through a slow-and-steady run in her neighborhood last week.

“I’ve been having many of the same thoughts as I age. I think for me the most important thing is to be the healthiest version of myself that I can be. I need to stay in balance and not compare myself to others. I thank God I can still run and enjoy movement! It’s more about my mental health now than proving how fast I am to myself as I get older.”

Lisa H.

“Maybe I shouldn’t be writing the rest of the book yet, as if I know exactly how it’ll end. Maybe what I need to do is think about different chapters to add to my narrative—chapters that my younger self couldn’t have imagined but are essential parts of my story nonetheless.”

Heather Durocher, runner, MRG founder, work-in-progress human

Just keep moving — and recording. Thanks for listening to the MRG Show, everyone.

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