A sampling of Heads Up Hairbands. These headbands do more than just stay put on your head--they also help fund cancer research.
A sampling of Heads Up Hairbands. These headbands do more than just stay put on your head–they also help fund cancer research.

So apparently there are quite a few of us who struggle with hair that has a mind of its own while we’re running–particularly when it’s steamy outside. Whether we have short or long hair, with bangs or without, we’re in search of ways to not have to worry about tangles and to keep our tresses from falling into our eyes while we exercise.

Thanks to all who entered the Heads Up Hairbands giveaway, and also for the awesome support given to Midwest entrepreneur, breast cancer survivor and fellow runner Lorrie, the woman behind these non-slip headbands. It was so cool to read everyone’s comments encouraging this runner and her commitment to helping fund cancer research with sales of her headbands.

I’m happy to announce the two winners of Heads Up Hairbands*:

Sarah Newcomb: “Just a beginner runner, with long hair and hates the fly away hairs…might have to try these! Love the inspirational stories. Going to try these for sure!”

Erin Henshaw: “I love a good headband while running and being active. Nothing worse than fussing with fly-aways during a run. What an inspirational story. I love hearing about taking the bad and turning it good. To support an entrepreneur cancer survivor who gives back is awesome.”

Sarah and Erin, please email me at michiganrunnergirl [at] gmail [dot] com to claim your prize.

Everyone else, head over to Heads Up Hairbands if you’re interested in trying out these headbands. And here’s some awesome news: Lorrie has generously agreed to offer a discount to Michigan Runner Girl readers. Here’s the scoop: Receive 10% off your order of $25.00 or more (not including shipping). This offer is only valid through Sunday, Aug. 4 at midnight. Please use the coupon code “puremichigan”  all lower case.

You’ll be supporting a great cause — as I mentioned in the giveaway post, Lorrie’s company is working with The Stefanie Spielman Breast Cancer Fund. Heads Up Hairbands designed a custom band that will be sold with 100 percent of the proceeds going to cancer research. As Lorrie shared, “It is super important to me to give back and maybe help someone along the way. I’m thrilled that we’ve got some wonderful things that we are doing that are going to raise funds for cancer research. It’s really cool that something that was so horrible is now going to hopefully be something that is going to help. When you’re there [facing a cancer diagnosis], it’s a really dark place. And it takes a while to come out of it.” More details about Lorrie and Heads Up Hairbands here »


* I use Random.org’s third-party drawing service to ensure a completely random drawing.

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