If there’s ever a time to realize with crystal clarity just how much you love running, it’s when injury has you sidelined.

That’s me right now — unfortunately just as my marathon training is getting underway — and all this week, as I’ve reluctantly refrained from going out for a run, I’m hyper aware of just how much I enjoy this sport. My body is thanking me for this break, I know. My tight right calf and tender Achilles will be the better for this, yes. But my heart and my head? They’re bummed the hell out. I miss the feeling of finishing a satisfying run.

Still, I’ve been here before. I know my injury will heal — especially if I truly continue to listen to my body, which is the plan. I also recognize the opportunity I have to focus on other important things in my life that make my heart happy: an upcoming trip north with my family; fun plans for MRG (a spring retreat for Michigan Runner Girls!); and cross-training like Pilates and snowshoeing. I’m also super excited to watch this weekend’s marathon Olympic Trials, taking place in L.A. on Saturday and televised for the first time.

So in the spirit of loving ourselves, our bodies and our great sport of running this Valentine’s Day weekend, I’ve decided to spread the MRG love with a big sale at the online store. Use the code MRGLOVE and save 25% off storewide all weekend long. I hope you will treat yourself to a cozy hoodie, soft tee, warm winter hat or Michigan pint glass. Or maybe you’ll want to show your best running friend just how much they mean to you with a gift from MRG. Check out the online store here »

Happy weekend of running, resting and loving, everyone!

The sale applies to in-stock items only. I’m excited to be adding even more items this spring and summer! Shop here »

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