Find Running Friends

Running specialty stores often host group runs and offer race training opportunities.

You can also find running friends through the running groups listed below. Are you part of a running group not yet included here, or know of a Michigan running store or organization that’s not on this list? Please let MRG know! Send along information by email: heather [at] michiganrunnergirl [dot] com

Michigan running specialty stores

Michigan running groups

Mid-Michigan/southern Michigan

Northern Michigan

Southeast Michigan

Southwest Michigan

Upper Peninsula

West Michigan

Statewide organizations

Moms Run This Town (chapters throughout Michigan)

Team In Training (training/fundraising opportunities throughout Michigan) Check out the Team In Training Michigan chapter’s Facebook page here »

MI Big Green Gym  – part of the Michigan Recreation and Park Association. Discover tons of great healthy events and happenings throughout the state. Michigan has some of the country’s best parks, trails, and other outdoor recreation facilities. There are endless ways to get active, stay health, and spend time with family and community any time of year! Hikebike, paddle, walk, sail, skirun, swim, climb — you can do it all in #mibiggreengym!

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  1. Our organization has shifted from Team In Training some time ago and would like to be shared on your page if possible. We empower women to cross life’s finish lines by encouraging, influencing and offering life-changing opportunities.

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