I think one of my biggest joys was learning my love affair with fueling what my body needed, whether that was nutritionally, or finding out this was the type of shoe I needed to wear … or these were the days I needed to run. ~Cassy Stone

On the latest MRG podcast episode, Heather is joined by her friend Cassy Stone to talk about the running lifestyle. Cassy’s comment above is just one of the nuggets she shares throughout the show, which also features stories from Michigan Runner Girl readers and listeners. {Click on the player above to listen to the entire conversation}

Cassy at this year’s Frozen Foot 5 Mile Race in Traverse City. This marked her 10 year “runversary.”

In this more personal conversation, Heather and Cassy share what running means to each of them, how and why they got started running, how it’s evolved over the years (they both acknowledge that they discovered running later in life), and what it’s meant for their minds and their bodies. They cover all sorts of topics, including the challenges they’ve encountered along the way, what it’s like to take on 26.2 — “If you want to get in touch with your own self, go ahead and train for a marathon,” Cassy shares — and how running has transformed their lives in interesting and sometimes surprising ways.

One of my favorite photos of my sole sisters Krista (left) and Cassy (middle). We were at the Farmland 5K Run and Free For All Bike in Traverse City.

Peppered throughout their conversation are thoughts from MRG readers, who responded to Heather’s call-out for “what running means to me” stories on the Michigan Runner Girl Facebook page. Here are a few of them:

Heather, who is training for her 8th marathon, talks about her family’s involvement with running, including Joe’s current training for his first 26.2, the Bayshore Marathon this Memorial Day weekend.

Cassy gets honest about what it means to be a runner living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). You’re sure to be both nodding your head in recognition and feeling inspired and motivated as you hear these stories from Cassy, Heather and fellow runners who have fallen in love with our sport.

Running is my therapy, my time I put everything behind me and let all my thoughts go and I feel good about doing something for me. It’s rewarding, refreshing and what better place to run than in northern Michigan. I also have four other girls I run with every weekend together. I don’t know what I would do without them in my running. I feel strong and positive and I feel like a good example for my daughters—to know exercise and feeling good about yourself. AndI love running all the races in town. ~ Michigan Runner Girl Michele Paulic

Sleeping Bear Marathon ~ Cassy’s first marathon. Krista and I joined her for a few miles near the Dune Climb. /photo by Beth Price Photography
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A special thanks to Mike Moran, Mike Youker and Jonny Tornga of Quarter After Productions in Traverse City, Mich. for producing the show. Check out this studio’s work here.

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