Boulder is beautiful!

I can’t think of a better place than Colorado to get the latest info on health and fitness as it relates to the world o’ blogging, not to mention to meet and get to know like-minded bloggers and wellness experts. This is one seriously fit city. National stats prove this to be true (it has the lowest obesity rate in the U.S.) and cool things are happening here (a state-of-the-art health and wellness center is opening in Denver in 2012) but to be here and to witness it in action is what’s really impressive. Just one example: I had no clue that here in Colorado vehicles must yield to pedestrians at crosswalks. I’ve been walking everywhere since arriving in Boulder this past Thursday afternoon, and it’s a great feeling seeing so many others on foot and on bike. AND, to see the vehicles show such respect for pedestrians. It’s definitely a culture of wellness, a community that clearly embraces — demands, actually, as one local tells me — the healthy and active lifestyle.

It’s Day 3 of the conference, and things just wrapped up. Since my flight doesn’t take off until 6 a.m. tomorrow (hello, super-early shuttle pick-up at the hotel), I’ve got the afternoon to explore Boulder a bit more. My plan is to check out Pearl Street and I’ve signed on for a guided mountain bike ride with a few of the other bloggers. That’s definitely one of the highlights of this conference — we’re not just talking about health  and fitness, we’re getting outside and doing.

We kicked off the conference with a hike up the Boulder Flatirons. Gorgeous.

More pics of this beautiful part of the country:

Our hike started here...
We made it to Royal Arch in Boulder Flatirons ~ a 3.3-mile hike, elevation of 6,510' That's Sara, my lovely editor and new friend, with me.
Hiking with friends is the best

I’ve met some amazing women while here, including these three awesome chicas in the pic above. That’s Anne, Sara and Katie. So much fun getting to know these ladies while hiking, running, eating and conference-going.

Oh, and one of the coolest parts of this conference? Meeting the fantastically funny woman behind one of my most favorite blogs. If you haven’t yet checked out Shut Up and Run, you must get over there. I knew Beth would be here, so I had to stalk, er, find her and let her know what a fan I am of her blog.

Yeah! I got to hang with Beth of SUAR

I’m digging Colorado, and I hope to return next year for the second annual Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference, but I also am very, very excited to get back home and see my family. I also miss Michigan. I hear it’s a beautiful beach day in Traverse City, and while the mountains are stunning, I miss being near the water. You can take the girl out of Michigan…

Oh, and definitely looking forward to a Michigan run. It’s true that the altitude difference here absolutely affects your breathing while running. Not terribly so, but you can feel it for sure. But as Sara and I said to each other during a 5-miler along the Boulder Creek, when we return to the Midwest, all this exercise at altitude will make us feel like running rock stars back home.

Off to do a little shopping — and take a nap!

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