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The longer I’m on this running journey, the more in tune I become with my body. It’s one of the very best benefits of being a runner — it’s empowering to realize how much sleep you truly need on a regular basis and what foods and liquids pack the most punch (and are ones to definitely steer clear of) throughout training and everyday exercise.

Earlier this fall I was offered the opportunity to try a new product, SOS Rehydrate, that is available at Meijer stores throughout Michigan. This product, which is a fast-acting electrolyte replacement and hydration drink that “helps combat dehydration caused by active lifestyles and physical performance,” comes in two flavors: citrus and blueberry. I was given samples of the citrus flavor to try. One box of SOS Rehydration contains five 0.34-ounce packets. Each of these servings is to be mixed with 500ml, or a standard-sized water bottle. Designed by a doctor and two former pro track runners, SOS is said to be as effective as an IV drip at combatting mild to moderate dehydration.

While I haven’t had the chance to use this following a race — I haven’t run a longer-distance race since my half marathon in late September — I have tried SOS following a couple of longer trail runs. My son Andrew, who ran cross-country this fall, also tried the drink after a few hard practices and really liked it. A couple of times he also filled his water bottle with the mixture and sipped on it throughout the school day before a race.

Sports drinks don’t always have the best tastes to them (though some are pretty decent, and I’ve got a couple of favorites of the berry-lemonade variety), and I found this to be the case with the citrus SOS. I have a feeling I would like the blueberry flavor much better. Andrew, however, didn’t have a problem with the citrus, so it really comes down to personal taste.

Here are some of the benefits of this electrolyte replacement and hydration drink, according to the Meijer representative who sent me these samples:

  • It’s medically proven
  • SOS provides three times the amount of electrolytes found in the average sports drink
  • SOS has half the sugar and half the calories of coconut water and contains all the electrolytes
  • It helps you absorb three times more water than drinking water alone
  • More information about SOS can be found at SOSRehydrate.com

Want to try SOS? Visit your local Meijer this weekend to purchase a package and save $1 through an in-store price drop (no coupon required) that ends Nov. 9.

Have you tried SOS already? What did you think? Do you have a favorite flavored sports drink?


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