Plan Your Next Michigan Run

Whether you’re traveling throughout our great state and looking for a place to run, or you’re interested in finding new-to-you routes close to your home, you’re sure to be inspired by the roads, paths and trails explored and shared here.

And if you have a place you’d like us to feature, please let MRG know! Send an email to heather [at] michiganrunnergirl [dot] com


I love snapping photos mid-run, and I’m all about capturing pre- and post-race shots. Some of my favorite pictures of running in Michigan are here on this site…and if you want to check out more photos I’ve “Captured on a Run,” head over to my Michigan Runner Girl Facebook page to view the album of that name–and also join the conversation about savoring running in Michigan–or follow me on Instagram: @michiganrunnergirl

A few of my all-time favorite run photos…

My 10-year-old Andrew and me after a training run, summer 2012. We ran a 5K race together over Labor Day weekend.

Photo taken mid-run in my neighborhood, on the east side of Traverse City. It was early evening, the golden hour.

I love running with our black Lab Max. He’s just over three years old, and he’s a very biiig dog–he weighs more than 100 pounds. We have a lot of fun on the trails running together.

Spider Lake, Traverse City ~ This is a view from my dad’s home. There’s a 10-mile route I like to take starting at his house that goes around this lake and through some hilly side streets and trails. It’s beautiful out there.

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