No Surrender Running Club isn’t your everyday running organization. This nonprofit based in west Michigan is all about using running and mentorship as tools to empower urban youth in Grand Rapids.
Kelli Zerbel, a runner in Grand Rapids, learned of this group and quickly decided to get involved. She joins Heather on the latest episode of the Michigan Runner Girl show to talk about what it means to be a part of this organization—and how it’s impacted her own running. {Click on the player above to listen to their conversation}
No Surrender Running Club works with 35 kids ages 10 to 18 each year, during designated spring and summer sessions; the club helps these children discover the joy (and work) involved with logging miles. And along the way, these young runners realize what they’re made of and what they can accomplish, all on their own when they put their minds to reaching a goal.
These young athletes run together and train for a race–the Huntington Reeds Lake 10K in the spring and the Lake Michigan Credit Union Bridge Run 10 mile race in the summer.
Kelli also shares how she quit smoking and took up running, while living out west. Since returning to Michigan, she has not only gotten involved with No Surrender Running Club, she’s also found her tribe of people in the west Michigan running community. She’s run many 5Ks and 10Ks, three LMCU Bridge runs, four half marathons, three 25Ks and a marathon. Kelly mentions an upcoming fundraiser for No Surrender Running Club, taking place March 26.
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