One of the best things about publishing Michigan Runner Girl is the chance to see, and really get to know, different cities throughout the state. While I’d traveled to parts of Michigan throughout my childhood and during my college years at Michigan State University, it wasn’t until I realized a love of running and racing in my mid-30s that I really found myself exploring so many of the wonderful regions and communities that make up our part of the world. Thanks to running, I’ve discovered: the history of Detroit’s Belle Isle; the awesome vibe in downtown Grand Rapids; the natural beauty that is Munising’s Grand Island; the Black Rocks (and stellar craft brew) of Marquette; and what it’s really like to share 200ish miles on country and small-town roads along Lake Michigan with friends, among countless other cool things and experiences involving my beloved home state.
Next month: my running journey takes me to Muskegon in west Michigan, an area that’s relatively new to me. It was during my adventure with friends running last fall’s Ragnar Michigan that I got to know this city a little; we stayed in a downtown hotel the night before the race, enjoyed a great dinner at Pigeon Hill Brewing that evening, and fueled up with a delicious cup of joe on race morning at Drip Drop Drink Coffee Bar.
I can’t wait to discover more cool things about Muskegon when I’m there for the Mercy Health Seaway Run and Lake Michigan Half Marathon on Saturday, June 24. I’ll be be there for the Healthy Lifestyle Expo on Friday, June 23 and will run the half marathon on race day. This longtime Muskegon running weekend also includes the Seaway Run, a 15K and 5K run and community walk. Some 3,300 runners participate in race weekend. All new this year: a post-race street party in downtown and new expo location.
I hope to see many of you there! It’s always so much fun meeting up with fellow Michigan Runner Girls and Guys, in real life, at race expos. And if you haven’t yet signed up for this race, here’s your chance for a free entry: I’ve got two (2) race entries to give away, thanks to race organizers. {You can learn all about this year’s race weekend by listening to my recent conversation with race director, runner and pacer Andrew Buikema. Listen here » }
OK, so giveaway details: to enter to win one of the free entries to this year’s Mercy Health Seaway Run and Lake Michigan Half Marathon (this entry will be good for any of the distance), please leave a comment below. Please share why you’d like to run this race and what you’re looking forward to discovering (or re-discovering) about the Muskegon area. Two winners will be selected at random and announced here on the blog next week. The giveaway starts today, May 24, and ends at 11:59 p.m. Monday, May 29.
Good luck, everyone!

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27 Responses to “MRG in Muskegon this June + Race Entry Giveaway for the Seaway Run & Lake Michigan Half Marathon”

  1. Lindsay

    I would love to run this race because I have in the past and would like to check out the new course! I am looking forward to re-discovering the lake this summer with our boat, we went one time in years past and really enjoyed it, but haven’t been back!

  2. Britany spangler

    I am hoping to run this race because racing gives me so much joy. I really look forward to seeing all of the great spectators that this race brings!

  3. Vicki Kavanaugh

    Can’t wait to run–excited to see the Muskegon shoreline! Muskegon runners are so friendly. I love finding out about all the new and exciting places/festivals/things to do that seem to pop up all the time!

  4. Meagan

    June 18 will be the third anniversary of my bilateral mastectomy. What else would I do to acknowledge that but run through a part of the state I’ve not seen in a long time? :)

  5. Michelle

    I would love to run this race, I haven’t before. I love the west side of the state, we’ve camped there many times during my childhood I have not been in several years. Lake MI is beautiful, and I need a half for June. More more I enjoy doing destination races, its great to spend time before/during/after race in a new place. Thanks and enjoy Bayshore this weekend!

  6. Patricia R

    I have family in the Muskegon area and I always enjoy my time there. Pere Marquette is a great beach, one of my favorites to visit during the summer. Also, Muskegon state park has some nice trails for hiking or running. I’d love a chance to run the Seaway and to spend some time in a great lakeshore city with my family and the running community.

  7. I’d love to run my hometown half! I’m looking forward to the new course for the race this year! I can’t wait to head to the farmers market this summer to find all the great eats from our local farmers!!!!

  8. Jessica

    I would love to run this race because I am looking for a Michigan half marathon in June! I have never run in Muskegon and I would love to bring my kids and take them to Michigan’s Adventure Park after the race.

  9. I am working towards my first half, and a 15k would be a great milestone for me! As a Girls on the Run coach and volunteer, I’ll be working the GOTR 5k in Muskegon on June 3rd, but I won’t be running, so the Seaway Run will give me the opportunity to experience Muskegon Lake close-up!

  10. Lynn Samuels

    I was born and raised in Muskegon. Now I live in Arizona but I return almost every summer. I have run the race many times but my favorite memory is when my sister, Kati, who died of cancer last June walked the 5k with me. Obviously this year the race will be a very emotional one for me.

  11. Kathie Boynton

    Muskegon is one of the places that we used to camp when my children were little as we could take the Motorhome there and let them play on the beach. It is also one of the places that I would love to discover in a running aspect as I have not done a race over there yet. It is a wonderful place that I would love to experience as a runner ????

  12. Debbie Schloff

    Working toward my goal of 100 halfs, I’ve heard great things about this race and have never been to Muskegon. Sounds like a great weekend!

  13. Julie

    Planning to run this with my 13 year old daughter as a girls weekend for us! Haven’t signed up yet, but is in the calendar. We are having so much fun fiding races all over Michigan that we can do, haven’t hit Muskegon yet… looking forward to it!

  14. I would love to take part in this race because I have never experienced a run in Muskegon. West Michigan is my favorite place to run and I’d love to experience something new.

  15. I’d love to run/walk this race as I have never done it before! I am looking for ways to just get out more and if there is some great scenery to boot, then all that much better! I truly don’t get up to Muskegon much, so it will be a whole new experience for me!

  16. Stephanie V.

    I would love to run this race because it would bring me to Muskegon for only the 2nd time since I’ve moved to MI (the first being Ragnar last year!) and I would love to spend more time there doing one of the things I love the most!

  17. Jennifer

    I would love to run this race. I have been looking at it and heard the course is really nice. I am not very familiar with Muskegon so it would be fun to see more of it. I have only been to Heritage landing for Irish Music Fest and Pere Marquette Beach for the Foreshore Adventure race.

  18. Susan Townsend

    I would love to run this with my husband. We are getting ready to be empty-nesters and really need to find some fun things to do. Plus, we have never been to Muskegon so it would fun to go somewhere different????

  19. Kevin

    I used to run this race almost every year until the last few years. Muskegon is my hometown and it would give me a reason to run this race again and visit my mom (and mow her lawn.)

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