Maia Turek considers herself a positive person (those who know her undoubtedly would agree), but she recently realized something else about herself, thanks to working closely with a health coach: she has had a habit of talking negatively — in a funny, self-deprecating way — to herself and to others, when it comes to how she views her relationship with food. 

It was an eye-opening discovery, she says, and one that has led to a complete mind shift for the 42-year-old runner, cyclist, and mom of one. 

“Do you know how much mental energy we put into focusing on being the shape we think we’re supposed to be, or the size we think we’re supposed to be?”

Maia Turek

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Maia is a regular MRG podcast guest. These are among my most favorite photos of us, when we recorded in the studio pre-COVID.

On this latest episode, she shares her experience working with Leah Doriot, a health coach, runner, and past MRG podcast guest (check out episode #108 with Kathrine Switzer). The timing felt right for Maia to work with someone who could help her understand the “why” behind some of her food and behavior decisions. 

One takeaway: “I’m not going on a diet. I am upgrading what I put in my body.”

“I was very frustrated. I have very bad habits. I know what I need to do to lose weight, I know what I am supposed to do, how I am supposed to do it … but I just don’t do it. I needed the tools — what are the tools I need in my toolkit to be better at having either the willpower or to be a better advocate for myself? I went from this is going to be a three-month process, to this is going to take a couple of years. But I think I have to. I have made these habits over 42 years, so undoing them or reframing them is going to take a while.”

Maia Turek

Maia, who is a resource development specialist for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Parks and Recreation division, also shares the latest Michigan Department of Natural Resources updates, including activities to enjoy at state parks this winter and how trail usage remains at record levels.

Maia and fellow MRGs at the MRG Winter Weekend Getaway, Feb. 2019.

We also have a fun conversation about her newfound love of road biking, Michigan’s thousands of lakes, and just how long it would take to bike around all of them. (Maia figured it out!)

100 things to do this winter at Michigan state parks


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