My favorite neighborhood trail
My favorite neighborhood trail

Last week ended up being a pretty mileage-heavy week for me:

  • Several 5.5 milers early in the morning
  • Short-and-sweet 2-3 miles when all I had was about 20 minutes one day
  • Long and satisfying 10 miles with Juliette and Amy on my most perfect kind of running morning: cool and breezy.
  • Deliciously muddy and wet 4 miles on the trails

The best part of logging these is how good I felt after all was said and done. No major aches and pains (though it is definitely time to retire my current pair of Sauconys, according to my toes, feet and right knee, the latter which tends to start getting hinge-y on me when I need new shoes). I just felt good, and I attribute this to pushing myself some but mostly simply listening to my body as I continue training for the half marathon that’s now only three weeks away!

I’m also happy about last week’s mileage because this week is, as I knew it would be, c.r.a.z.y. b.u.s.y. I’ll be lucky to fit in two runs before my college roommates arrive for several days starting tomorrow.  Run #1 happened Tuesday morning, a great 5 mile loop that takes Juliette and me along West Grand Traverse Bay and through downtown Traverse City. I’m hoping to squeeze in Run #2 tomorrow morning.

Amid the planning and prepping that goes along with having company – including deciding to paint two rooms, if you’re nutty like me – I’ve wondered how your regular fitness routine fits in once your guests arrive. Do you scrap it altogether? Go ahead and do it, maybe early morning before everyone awakes? What have you done? I’d love to run with my girlfriends, if only because it’s laughable how un-runnerish I was while at Michigan State University. Two of the three roommates coming to stay with us were the runners, taking to the campus pathways while I shook my head in disbelief…why would they want to do that?

Oh, how times have changed.

So it’d be great fun to run with them now, to share what they now realize is an important part of my life. But one is 7 months preggo, and the host in me feels a bit selfish (I know, I know. I can’t help it) worrying about fitting in my runs while they’re all here. But I think about Mary, my gracious host while we stayed in Minnesota, and how she made running happen for all of the adults, including her. So, we’ll see.

How’s your summer running schedule going? What have you logged lately?

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5 Responses to “Loggin’ miles, summer style”

  1. Hi Heather,
    It’s been tough with the heat and humidity down here in Metro Detroit. Tried to do 10 miles Tues, then thought 8 would be ok, but could do only 6. Going out again this evening. Training for the Freep Marathon Oct 18th.

    • Hi Joe! I’m with you – the heat and humidity are killers. I was so happy about the cold front that moved through (and is still here). Did it hit down there in Detroit as well? Today is rainy and cool, but it’s a nice change. I am hoping it stops later this afternoon, though, since I am in desperate need of a nice, long run.

      Thanks for posting, nice to “meet” you!

  2. Oh, and meant to say – awesome you’re training for the Freep Marathon! I ran the half in 2007 and really enjoyed the course. I’ve thought about trying the full at some point. Good luck with your remaining training!

  3. Aloha H:

    Logged some good mileage but not without a little pain (no gain, right?) The right knee reminded me that my shoes are desperately in need of replacement. And that paddle boarding last Sunday…let’s just say my back has been giving me the business ever since. Thanks to an awesome massage, some Motrin, and time spent with friends – I am fully recovered. Now, a quick visit to Running Fit for the shoes and I’m all set to run my first (and I am pretty sure my only) half marathon with the crazy Michigan Runner Girl that got me into this in the first place.

  4. J – don’t you be too quick to say it’ll likely be your only half…just wait, it’s pretty thrilling when you finish. You just might surprise yourself when you start thinking about your next one. You do know this is how we can travel the world together, right?, through races? I can see you shaking your head now…It’s not like I’m trying to get you to wear a running skirt or anything…

    p.s. I love that you paddle boarded last weekend. Jealous.

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