“It’s been tough. And I think we’re right smack dab in the middle of it and we don’t really know what to expect. And you know, what is the phrase we heard early on? We don’t know what we don’t know.” 

Lisa Taylor, lifelong runner and longtime running coach, talks about the pandemic and how it’s impacted daily life and the running community. As executive director of the Traverse City Track Club, which is behind the widely popular Bayshore Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K, Lisa and her team like so many race organizers have had to make hard decisions about their events. The Bayshore races, normally held the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, didn’t happen this year. It was the first time in its 37-year history that it was cancelled.

But Lisa says her team and members of the Traverse City Track Club not only stepped up to the challenge of having to cancel the spring event, they’ve also found ways to keep one another motivated to stay active and keep moving throughout the past several months of COVID-19 and the quarantine.

One of our favorite pictures of Lisa Taylor. :)

What she’s witnessed among family, friends, and fellow runners: “How important it is to keep moving, to stay strong and find creative ways to do that … and at the same time be easy on yourself and not expect too much, and ease into finding new ways of doing things.” 

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The Traverse City Track Club, with its some 700 members, is the largest Road Runners Club of America running club in the state. (Kalamazoo Area Runners previously held this title, and Lisa shares how there’s been friendly banter about this with Kalamazoo club members.)

A runner for some 45 years, Lisa is a firm believer in the power of walking and running to change lives. She talks about the lifestyle being something that we can find, keep, and learn from.

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A special thanks to Mike Moran, Mike Youker and Jonny Tornga of Quarter After Productions in Traverse City, Mich. for producing the show.

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