In the midst of hardcore marathon training–thank you, Mother Nature for helping make it especially intense–it’s good to take a teeny little break and enjoy a shorter-distance race with girlfriends. Even better: participating in said fun event in a different city, meaning car trip and overnight at a hotel. With just the girls. Talk about a much-needed reprieve that helps break up some seriously high-mileage weeks and speedwork-focused days.

Thankfully my opportunity to do this is fast approaching–the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon in Grand Rapids is less than a month away–and thankfully for you all, my dear readers who may be wishing for a similar getaway, I’ve got TWO entries to this second annual half-marathon to give away.

Details below on this giveaway, but first: I want to give a big shout-out to Sarah and Dimity of Another Mother Runner for this awesome opportunity. I’ve been writing for AMR for the past couple of years–I pen their weekly Follow This Mother feature as well as other occasional posts and am contributing to their third book–and both Sarah and Dimity have been incredibly supportive of my site throughout this time. These two complimentary entries come via these two motivating mother runners and their site which is a sponsor of this year’s Gazelle Girl Half Marathon. (Be sure to look for Michigan runner Bari Fitzpatrick, who will be wo-manning the Another Mother Runner booth at the race expo.)

OK, so here’s the race giveaway scoop: this contest includes two (2) free race entries to this year’s Gazelle Girl Half Marathon in Grand Rapids on Sunday, April 13. Two readers will be selected as winners. To enter, please share in the comment section below why you’d like to run this race–whether it’s so you can join friends for a girls’ weekend, or you want to run your heart out and snag a PR, or you’re interested in helping raise money for charity (this race is supporting four Grand Rapids-area charities) … Maybe it’s a combination of all of these things. Or maybe it’s as simple as having a little fun at the end of a very long Michigan winter. Whatever the reason, let’s hear it. Winners will be selected randomly.

Special note: you’re going to need to act fast if you’re interested. This giveaway starts Tuesday, March 25 and ends at noon EST Thursday, March 27. I will announce winners shortly thereafter–no later than this weekend so that winners can plan accordingly for this April event.

To learn more about the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon, check out my interview with race co-director Bridget Meyers. You can also look at course maps and read inspiring runner stories at the event web site here »

I look forward to reading everyone’s comments. Good luck!

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This giveaway is open to residents of the United States and Canada who are 18 years and older. It begins on 3/24/14 and ends at NOON EST on 3/27/14; the winners will be announced by 3/29/14. One entry per person. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 

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44 Responses to “Giveaway: Two Race Entries to 2014 Gazelle Girl Half Marathon”

  1. Charlene Stolarz

    I would love to run in the Gazelle Girl!!! The race itself is such an inspiration for women/girls to run their heart out, the atmosphere is going to be awesome! I am also training for the Bayshore Marathon and this race coincides perfectly with my training for my very FIRST marathon. Yay for running!!

  2. Leslie Miyasato

    This sounds like great fun! Not only does it fit with my training plan, but I would really love to run Grand Rapids without 82″ of snow under my feet. The Groundhog Half was a bit of a challenge this year!

  3. Anne Markiewicz

    I love Halfs and need to get back into doing them, even if it’s alone. With an all female event like Gazelle I’m sure I’d be surrounded with lots of support and in good company.

  4. Running unifies all people! The sport is beautiful and literally anyone can pick it up. Running in Gazelle Girl with thousands of STRONG women would be a privilege. This will be my first race coming out of winter and it’s a beautiful way to kick start my year (so far I am in Bayshore Marathon & Marine Corps Marathon).

    Women rule.

  5. Megan Beebe

    I am looking for a half to do this year; one I’ve never done. This would be awesome because I’ve never been to Grand Rapids despite having college and other friends there! Here’s my chance…..thank you!!!! Happy spring!

  6. Ashlee LaVallee

    I think it would be so empowering to run in this race as my first ever half-marathon (and only my 2nd race!) I’ve been training for the 5th/3rd river bank run so would definitely be ready for the challenge!

  7. Rebecca Stein-Mindel

    I would love to win this! I’m newer to running and now have a passion for races! My husband and I usually run together and we hold hands crossing the finish line because we “support” each other! Together on our journey we have lost a total of 220lbs together! We love our newer lifestyle and am embracing our future for our family!

  8. Lori Piggott

    I would love to run this race. I started running last year after I ended my roller derby career. I ran the Bayshore 10k in Traverse City as my first ever race. I then ran the Cherry Festival 15k. I was going to run a half marathon as my next race before running a full marathon (I am signed up for the Bayshore Marathon in May), but life happened and I didn’t enter a half marathon race. I would love to have an official half marathon under my belt before I run my full marathon, as running is my new obsession.

  9. Kaleen Early

    I would love to win the free entries into the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon. I am running the riverbank 25k with my friend the following month and would love to experience this race with her. Thank you!

  10. Kim Bentley

    I would love to win free entries into the Gazelle Half Marathon for my dear friend and I to run together. This winter has been a tough one for us to train together with her work schedule change and a surgery in February that sidelined her from running for 4 weeks.

  11. Christine

    I have never run a half (or any race) that is all female- I would like to try that! Also, I love races that support charity – I actively look for those- I also have extended family in the area as well as friends and would love to see them and have them cheer me on! I would so love an entry!

  12. Kathy S

    I am already registered to run this race, so I don’t want to win this for myself. I’d love to use it to pass it on to another woman down on her luck, someone that might not be able to afford the race fee right now, or is going through a difficult time and needs a pick me up. I know quite a few women that fit in that category and would absolutely love it!

  13. Kat Davis

    I’d love to run this race as it will be my last race in Michigan before I move. I’d love to end my time here, running with one of my best friends, who I ran my first marathon with last year!

  14. Erica Fitzpatrick

    This is my 6th year of being involved with Girls on the Run, and I’m so excited Gazelle Girl donates to this amazing organization. I ran this race last year and loved seeing all the girls at the cheer stations. I would love to have this race be the first in my new age group (40-44)!

  15. Susanna

    I would Love to run this half marathon. My nick name is Gazelle since my friends say I look like a graceful gazelle when I’m running. It will be my first year running this half and I can’t wait to run it. Hoping for a nice big PR and an awesome race with lots of other females.

  16. Annie Eggleston

    I would love to run this race! Last year, I couldnt get in because I was having heart issues and my cardiologist wouldnt allow it. But I’m good to go this year…AND WANT IN! I love running in Grand Rapids and love running with other awesome moms out there! I’m training for the Bayshore Marathon in May and this would be a perfect “race tempo” run for me :). Thank you!!!!

  17. The gazelle girl was my very first half marathon! It started me thinking about long distance running and now I plan on doing fifth third and a full mararathon by fall!! I will always have to run gazelle girl!!

  18. Rhonda Toogood

    I want to run this race again for this year for several reasons. It is 6 days before my 50th birthday! I only started running in my late 30’s and I am so glad I did. Also, I want to get a PR. I have finally been injury free all winter and running and training a lot. My goal is below 2:05! I loved this race last year and can’t wait to run again.

  19. Angela Ray

    I ran this half last year with my best friend. It was my first half and it was the best run of my life so far!! I love that it’s an all women run and that our names are on our bibs. They way we encouraged each other was an amazing feeling. I would love to run this half again but this year it didn’t make it in my family’s budget due to the fact that we needed to buy a used mini van for our growing family. I am heart broken about it but I know there are many years to come…because, because of Gazelle’s Girl Run, I will be running til I can’t no more!!!

  20. My friend (Brittnae) and I are training for the Nashville Rock and Roll half marathon. This is her very first half marathon and I am SO proud of her :) She has scraped together all of her funds for the trip as she is still in college and we are road-tripping it from Michigan. Her family would love to see her finish the half but unforunately can’t go to Nashville. I am signed up to run the Gazelle Girl and I would LOVE for her to run with me! This would be a generous donation to a new runner and it would make her day if her family could see her cross the finish line of her first half!!!

  21. It would mean so much to me to be able to run this race for the second year. I was able to run it last year but, sadly, I was unable to come up with the funds this year during the sign up period. I’ve been following the events and the updates, living vicariously through all of the other runners and this opportunity is a perfect pick-me-up to another snowy northern MI day! Thanks!

  22. Kristin

    Really looking for the race to get me back into this world.. Never thought I would like running and since I have I do love it.. Every winter I become a recluse and I would love to get the year started right.

  23. Kelli Z.

    I moved back home to GR a little less than a year ago after being in Utah for over 5 years. I just missed being able to run the first Gazelle Girl Half Marathon. I am currently a Road Warrior for the Fifth Third River Bank Run and have the unique opportunity to connect with other women runners to share my experiences about the race. I can also blog about what it’s like to add Gazelle Girl Half Marathon to the 25k Fifth Third River Bank Run training plan! A couple of my fellow Road Warrior ladies are also pacers for this year. I would love to run it with them! Thank you!

  24. I would really enjoy being the recipient of this awesome gift.. Running through the streets of Grand Rapids is always a thrill. Everything from family and friends to cheer and encourage you, to the hidden sights you get to see as you run through this very exciting city. Nothing would be better than a chance to participate in this exciting race. Girl power!!!

  25. Melanie Ver Duin

    My sister-in-law and I ran this last year. It was incredible to accomplish our first half marathon and to be able to support the Girls on the Run Program that we have both coached. It was wonderful to see runners of all ages supporting each other on race day last year.

  26. Kristin Haight

    I would love to have this be my first race back after having baby number four and it’d be an awesome chance to do this with my friend who’s new to running.

  27. Anita S

    We will be arriving home from family spring break trip on the 12th. I’ve been training for 25 k in May, so Gazelle Girl half marathon sounds like perfect timing. Already volunteered to help with packet pick up for this race:)

  28. I absolutely love the finishers “medal”. As a Michigander who recently lived abroad for several years I have an even greater love and appreciation for this beautiful state! What a better way to show girl power and my love for running and all things Michigan by running in this great race!

  29. I have to be honest, I’m considering running because I want the medal. I ran last year and loved running with all women, it was a great race. I wear last years charm proudly. But this years charm includes my love for our wonderful state of Michigan. I have not signed up yet because my kids will be on spring break and life is crazy busy. But I really want that charm!!!! (Would it help if I told you that I have 6 beautiful children and I took up running to clear my mind?)

  30. Kristy McDonald

    I would love the two entries! Thank you for having such a fun contest! I have been training all winter with my friend Katie to run the Bayshore…I just found out I have to have surgery on April 30…so my running partner has to finish alone after all of our long winter runs. I would love to surprise her with this trip to remind her how much we have accomplished together and to run a race before my surgery and hard-to-think-about break from running. Thank you!☀️

  31. Lindyn Peterson

    I would love to be blessed with an entry to the Gazelle Girl Half-Marathon this year. I am running 25K in May, and I would be excited to say that THIS race would be my first before the 25K. Also, I am recently engaged and would be joining my future sister-in-law during this race. It would be a great bonding experience and a perfect day to honor her with her gift/surprise that I have for her in regards to my upcoming wedding. I live a few hours out of town so we don’t get to see each other often. Ultimately, I know it would mean a lot to both of us to be able to spend time together and share our passion for running!

  32. Susan B

    Training for my first full (Bayshore) and this is the weekend I have a 13.1 on my calendar! I wanted to run this one since my best girl friend just had a baby in the Fall and was thinking of using the 5 k to get back in shape! She lives in that area so its a good excuse to visit the lil nugget too!

  33. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE running! I am currently on an adventure to run in 30 states in 2014! I am a back of the pack runner who runs to keep other runners motivated. Each race I complete, I love sharing to others who think it is impossible. I would love the opportunity to run in an awesome city and join some fellow runners take on the 13.1 miles!

  34. If it so happens you haven’t selected yet- I would so appreciate a Gazelle Girl entry. My mom passed away this fall and the last time I saw her was at my last race and I’ve been struggling to get back to racing since- Gazelle Girl would help me get back into action and try going to a race again! I’ve been running off and on for fun but I think Im just about ready to be in a race again and honor my mom in that way!

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