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February 7, 2015

10 miles turned to 11.5 when I decided to extend my out-and-back route just a tad more so I could stop by my dad’s to say hello.

I love a long, slow run. I felt like I could go forever, taking it at a nice and easy pace. And though my legs have been incredibly good-sore tired (and 10 more miles on tap tomorrow, oh boy), I had college hoops and FOOD to look forward to back home.

Yep, it’s that time of ‪#‎marathontraining‬ when I am in love with good food. Well, that’s always the case. But now it’s magnified, by 100. Tonight: turkey burgers with pepper jack cheese, roasted red potatoes and CEO Stout from ‪#‎rightbrainbrewery‬ in my favorite @enduranceevolution trail race pint glass. ‪#‎runnerfuel‬ ‪#‎week8‬ #marathontraining ‪#‎inastateofmotion‬ ‪#‎mittenbrew‬ ‪#‎michiganrunnergirl‬

What’s a favorite meal for you when training for a race? For lunch, I love a big, fat sandwich or wrap. Or salad with lots of toppings. Eggs (and cheese) are really speaking to me lately at breakfast. Do you have any interesting food cravings?

September 21, 2022

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