Kevin Fowler had an idea for a very different kind of team trail racing experience–a race that would allow four runners with varying distance preferences to race together who might not normally have the opportunity to race together.
15078690_606791736172059_6896612556399720164_nStrategizing pace, as a team, also would be a key component of his race. The end result: the Mid-Michigan Ultra Team Trail Race, also known as MUTT, that is held each June in Harrison, Mich. Kevin joins Heather on the show to talk about this race that takes place on trails and starts and finishes at Mid-Michigan Community College.
Kevin, who started running a decade ago, is a marathoner and triathlete — his first marathon was in Grand Rapids in 2007 and he’s completed 30 triathlons, including an Ironman. This trail lover at heart talks about what led him to start the Mid-Michigan Ultra Team Trail Race in 2014, how exactly it works (hint: it’s NOT a relay), how it quadrupled in participation in 2015, and what runners can expect for the 2017 event, which is set for June 17. Kevin also shares a special race discount code for listeners, and offers up details on another race he’s involved with, the Snow Moon Trail Run, an evening race in February, 2017 on Midland City Forest trails.

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  1. Stephanie

    Thanks for another great podcast Heather. Listening to you and Kevin talk about the MUTT really energized me with the possibility of trying something different. I love that you are always exposing your readers to new and exciting running possibilities.

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