If you’ve ever felt sluggish during a run, if you’ve wondered why your body “hit the wall” during your half marathon, or you’re curious about how best to recover and re-fuel after a long run, this episode about fueling and featuring runner and registered dietitian nutritionist Miranda Monroe will give you the answers.

“The biggest thing I see is under fueling before, during and after a run or a race,” says Miranda, who started running four years ago and has completed numerous races including this year’s Boston Marathon (where she also re-qualified for the legendary race).

Miranda with running friends Walt and Martin at the 2015 Bayshore Marathon, where she qualified for Boston.
Miranda with running friends Walt and Martin at the 2015 Bayshore Marathon, where she qualified for Boston.

Miranda works with athletes through her coaching and consulting practice Grand Traverse Nutrition. She shares how discovering a love of running just a few years ago came as a surprise to her. Miranda realized becoming a runner also helped her better connect with her clients.

“It really helped me help them explore more options. Through my own trial and error, it gave me the ability to ask them questions – to ask the right questions of them, of how they felt.”

11267109_858184627580885_106287078335345571_nHeather and Miranda talk through best ways for runners and those living an active lifestyle to fuel their bodies, including the timing of it pre-activity as well as when to incorporate it mid-run and post-race.

“In a nutshell, you want to put good quality fuel in a high performance engine to get the most out of it,” Miranda explains. “To go fast, to go hard, to go long, you have the put that high-octane fuel in so it can run great.”

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