Downtown Grand Rapids each spring plays host to the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon & 5K, attracting thousands of runners to the female-focused event. This year’s races, which are all about empowering women, take place April 17, with 100% of proceeds benefitting the event’s charity partners. Heather takes a closer look at this race, which she ran with friends in 2014. Cara Zerbel, co-race director and assistant store manager for Gazelle Sports in Grand Rapids, joins Heather on the show to talk about what’s new for the 2016 Gazelle Girl Half Marathon & 5K (hear all about the “double down” medals now available to 5K runners participating in Gazelle Girl and the Fifth Third River Bank Run in May). Grand Rapids runner Colleen Urquhart, who has served as a team leader with Gazelle Sports training groups, also joins the conversation and shares why the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon & 5K is close to her heart — she’s run each one since its inception four years ago: “I am looking forward to scoring the double down medal again this year.”

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A special thanks to Mike Moran of Quarter After Productions in Traverse City, Mich. for producing the show. Check out his work here, and if you like Michigan craft beer like me, tune into the popular Short’s Cast, a show he produces for Short’s Brewing Company of Bellaire, Mich.

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    • Hi, Kelly!
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      – Heather

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