Your favorite running partner just might be your furry four-legged friend. Heather, whose family recently welcomed a yellow Lab puppy to their family, and co-host Erin Henshaw, a fellow dog lover and runner who works at her husband’s vet clinic in Traverse City, talk about the joys of taking their pets with them on runs. (Heather hasn’t yet begun running with Ellie, their puppy, but has run many miles with their 7-year-old black Lab Max.) Eve Wrest, runner and owner of GR Dog Adventures, also joins the conversation. Eve, who lives and runs in Grand Rapids, started her company in 2013 to help dog owners keep their pooches happy and healthy. GR Dog Adventures provides dog walking, running and hiking. “I combined the things I love most — running and dogs,” says Eve, a mom of three. “I really wanted something that was a big part of the community. To me, that’s the most fun part of the business — getting to know the shelters and the rescues and the local businesses.”

Heather recently took Ellie, her family's yellow lab puppy, on a snowshoe run on neighborhood trails. Dogs can make awesome running partners.
Heather recently took Ellie, her family’s yellow lab puppy, on a snowshoe run on neighborhood trails. Dogs can make awesome running partners.

The three women share tips for starting to run with your dog (you’ll definitely want to check with your vet before starting any new exercise program) and Eve shares the numerous dog-friendly outdoor activities happening in the Grand Rapids area.

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