Five years. Hundreds of inspiring conversations. Countless words of wisdom (thank you, amazing guests!). Three super talented producers (and musicians!). Multiple return guests and co-hosts. Several live audience recordings. Kind and generous celebrity runners and athletes. So many incredible stories of everyday individuals finding their way through this messy, beautiful life — with help from friends and families and a solid, sweaty workout (or three).


Welcome to the 200th episode of the Michigan Runner Girl Podcast, a show I excitedly, nervously launched five years ago.


In this special episode, I highlight the memorable moments over the past five years — the guests, the topics, the motivation we’ve all loved — and I talk honestly about the past few months and how the pandemic has impacted the running community and life for anyone who is looking to stay active, find their exercise groove, become a healthier person, and become the best version of themselves. I also share what COVID has meant for MRG — and I share an all-new way listeners and readers can be part of this podcast.

To listen to this episode, click on the player at the top of this post. Or, download the episode (and subscribe to the show!) using your favorite podcast app.

“If you chase anything in life, chase the things that get you excited about living. Chase the things that give you hope, happiness and a glimpse of a better life. Chase the things that make you want to be a better person. Chase the things that inspire you to think, create and live joyfully. Chase the things that reinforce in your soul that you can make a difference. Chase the things that make you want to transform your heart from selfish to selfless. When you chase that kind of storm you are chasing rainbows.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Heather Durocher fall running northern Michigan

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