Last week we shared an awesome giveaway opportunity, thanks to organizers of the North Mitten Half Marathon & 10K that takes place the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend at Crystal Mountain.

Thanks to everyone who entered this contest by telling us why you’d like to line up at the start line. (I can’t blame you one bit–the North Mitten is one of my all-time favorite half marathons, taking you on a mixture of road and trail.) Reading everyone’s stories was so much fun, and the reasons for wanting to run this are numerous, from wanting to head north and visit family and being interested in trying trail running, to enjoying a first race following a tough injury and building the distance into a summer marathon training plan.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 1.01.29 PMWe had 4 total entries to give away — 2 for the 10K and 2 for the half marathon — and remember that if you didn’t win one of these, please be sure to take advantage of the race discount code for the North Mitten that organizers have shared with MRG readers. (You can find that code here » )

The winners, chosen at random, are …

Half Marathon:

1.) Rhonda Toogood: “I am trying to do different things this year and run different races. I have heard great things about this race. This Grand Rapids girl wants to go north to run. I am from Big Rapids originally. I would love to do the 1/2 Marathon.”

2.) Becky: “This looks like a great race! I love finding fun new races to do and am just starting to venture out of my hometown (GR) for events. I’d love to do the 1/2 marathon and support this great cause.”


1.) Andrea Karpinski: “I would love to run the 10K, I’ve been doing 5Ks for the last 2 year or so; and would like to work myself up to a 10K. I love Northern Michigan and would love the opportunity to race in the beauty that is Northern Michigan!”

2.) Kallie C.: “This race was my first 10K the first year they held it 3 years ago I think. Such an amazing course!! I would love to do the 10K again. I had a bout with some injuries the last couple of years and I’m super excited to be back in the swing of things again.”

Congratulations, Rhonda, Becky, Andrea and Kallie! If you see your name listed here, please email me at to claim your prize. Thank you so much, everyone, for sharing your stories and entering this giveaway!

Learn more about the North Mitten in this episode of the MRG podcast here »

Register here » (Don’t forget the discount code!)

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