Editorial Values

Michigan Runner Girl is committed to following a key set of editorial policies and attitudes which are outlined here.

Michigan Runner Girl strives to ensure that all of its content, including guest posts and advertising, is not misleading to its audience. MRG believes honesty is critical in gaining and keeping our audience’s trust and MRG will not compromise this.


Michigan Runner Girl seeks truth in its reporting of Michigan running and race news, events, and people. MRG undertakes thorough research and exercises caution before publishing any material. If any factual mistakes are made, MRG will seek to rectify them.

Fair opinion 

Michigan Runner Girl aims to make the site’s content informative, accurate, engaging and entertaining. An essential part of this process is having and sharing opinions. The opinions expressed on MRG will be based on actual events.


Michigan Runner Girl is a for-profit venture but commercial considerations will not affect its core values. If MRG doesn’t support a product or service 100%, it will not be featured.


Michigan Runner Girl aims to present the Michigan running scene as we see it. However, material may be edited where necessary to reduce offense or lessen the exposure of the vulnerable.


All the images and content on this website are owned by Michigan Runner Girl, unless otherwise stated. Michigan Runner Girl will not use another party’s content without their consent.


Michigan Runner Girl will always be contactable and complaints, if any, will be dealt with swiftly and in accordance to the site’s values.  

If you want to learn more about Michigan Runner Girl take a look at my media kit.

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