Me, not running

I figure if I can’t  run at the moment, I’d better sit myself down and write. Maybe this will aid my post-long weekend and I-haven’t-run-since-Thursday restlessness. 

You know that feeling when you just need to get out already? That’s me right now. I’m thinking a sweaty 6-miler should do the trick. Preferrably on the tree-canopied trails, but I’d take any ol’ road or pathway at this point. Problem is, it’s me and the kids tonight as my husband works late. Knowing how much I want to fit in a run, he said he’ll do his best to make it home before dark…heck, I think I’d head out at midnight if need be, if this anxiousness continues.  

Earlier today, heading toward Mackinac Bridge from Paradise (true name of the scenic don’t-blink-you’ll-miss-it town on Lake Superior) my thoughts turned to running — namely how I hadn’t worn my running shoes for several days. Or, more precisely, for more days than I care to go between runs. You have a number like that, too, right? That we’d spent a leisurely two and a half days visiting a lighthouse and “graveyard of the Great Lakes,” as well as one of the state’s most beautiful state parks that’s home to waterfalls, moose sightings and a brewery of course made it OK I wasn’t lacing up. Though I will admit to some envy watching the pink-clad woman running toward the lighthouse, jammin’ out to her iPod, as we sped by in our car.

Pure summer fun ~ Worth giving up a run for

By the way, you do know I took my running shoes with me this weekend, thinking I’d maybe get up early one morning for a run. But this morning was that morning, and when I say it was raining, I mean it was raining. Pouring, pounding rain it was. 

So tonight I wait, and plan and wish for an evening run or, if that doesn’t work out, an early morning one.  Either way, I’ve got long on my mind. And cleansing. Yep, I’ve got expectations this time. I’m looking for a run that’ll clear my head, get me re-aligned with myself…which, really, I suppose they always do now, don’t they? How about you – how long is too long to go between runs?

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