Runners love to eat good food. We also know (and maybe sometimes forget) just how important food is to our health and well-being. We realize that fueling smart can make all the difference in our running and other active pursuits — we just might need some guidance along to way, to stay on track and to take good care of ourselves. So we can keep on running!

You’re in the right place. Here you’ll find great recipes and nutrition insight from someone who gets it. Ali Lopez, a trained chef and health coach, is a regular contributor to Michigan Runner Girl. You’ll find articles here on the site at least a couple of times a month, as part of the Friday Fueling series. You can read all of her articles so far here on this page. Take a look, try out her recipes, and let us know what you think — we’d love to hear your feedback and also your questions about fueling smart. Click on the links below to learn more. (And for a great podcast about nutrition, tune into the MRG episode featuring marathoner and registered dietician nutritionist Miranda Monroe here » )